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Piece done for Advanced Acting. It was challenging to nail down the beats for the acting I wanted to convey, but I was happy in the end with the timing and what the posing demonstrated. 


Final piece done for Intro to Acting for Animation Mentor. I had a ton of fun getting into the acting with this one and really layering on his emotions. It was definitely a good learning experience for secondary action.

Rock Sequence

Both pieces for Advanced Body Mechanics for Animation Mentor. I decided to make the pieces connected. Even though originally I had planned to make this more of a chase/escape sequence, I really like how it came out and it challenged me to get into believable weight and overlap.

Safe Push

Final piece done for Body Mechanics. This one gave me a lot of trouble but it was one of the pieces that pushed me the most when it came to learning how to convey weight and struggle. I enjoyed figuring out different motions for the same sort of action as well to add variety in the piece.

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